BIMBODOLL FANPAGE Blog NEWS: Jessy The first Bimbo NFT

NEWS: Jessy The first Bimbo NFT

NEWS: Jessy The first Bimbo NFT post thumbnail image

JessyBunny Genesis NFT Collection contains 69 Pieces only. It is a before & after Jessy BIMBOFICATION syringe artwork living on Ethereum Blockchain to give you satisfaction. Holding one of it makes you a lucky winner, because you will get access to Real Life Events with Jessy, get physical gifts from her and of course online content including before and after stuff. Additionally you will receive discounts for her shop and you will enjoy Benefits at the next Drop. 

The Collection will be available via OpenSea.

These are the official Links: 

OpenSea Account NFT Collection



All is different, or let me call it special. There was and never will be something like a Whitelist, so nobody can miss out! The Bimbofication Syringe Artwork arises on the 23rd of September on the Ethereum Blockchain. It comes exactly 69 times. It is here to please and satisfy you, just like the Bunny, Jessy. Those Genesis NFTs will open you a new world to interact with your Dream Bunny. The first notable Event for you as an NFT Holder is the VENUS Event in Berlin. You can meet Jessy there, she will do an exclusive Meeting.
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